Optimized for Chrome and Firefox
  • Firefox version 29 - I did some tests on versions as early as 22 but they did not perform optimally.
  • Safari version 7.0.3 and up (for mac) - some effects removed.
  • Chrome version 35.0.1916.114
  • Internet Explorer version 11.0.9600.17041 & 16386 (Win7 & Win8.1) - some effects removed.
  • Internet Explorer version 10.0.9200.16897 (Win7) - some effects removed.
  • Internet Explorer version 9.0.8112.16421 (Win Vista) - some effects removed.
  • Opera 21.0.1432.67
  • Release Version 1.0
    Current Version 1.0.1 chrome firefox ie opera safari

    If you have troubles with the game,
    try loading This Version.

    How to Play:
    General Gameplay

    Your game is saved automatically each time you enter the map screen after solving a chapter successfully.

    You can load this saved game at the title menu.

    You have an unlimited number of attempts to try and pass a level so you do not have to worry about starting from the beginning of the entire game.

    Chapter One
    Geocachers should know this logo. You have 30 seconds to arrange it properly before having to start the chapter over.
    Chapter Two
    Puzzles are fun. So have fun -- 48 times :)
    Chapter Three
    Dexterity often helps when working on field puzzles...having to shake a monKey puzzle comes to mind. So here's a little practice -- Do not cross your own path and do not leave the screen (or hit the wall). Your building a Power Trail here that needs to be 20 caches long.
    Chapter Four

    Night caches are fun -- Here you'll need to bounce the firetacks off of the equipment and get them into the beaker turning the red tacks into green goo. Collect enough goo to turn that empty beaker into a Lab Cache... 35 firetacks should do the trick.

    Flashlight - tacks that hit the flashlight are projected out of the light's beam. You can double click the light(or 2-finger touch) to change the direction of the flashlight.
    GPS Unit - bounces tacks off of it and reflects them according to its shape.
    Compass - tacks that hit the compass are absorbed into it and dripped out of the bottom.

    Chapter Five

    Games like Tic-tac-toe can often be frustrating -- Let's see if we can amplify that frustration level --

    Each time you land on the square it damages it. If the square takens enough damage it disappears.
    Beat the Quartermaster by forcing him onto a square the disappears before the square beneath you disappears.
    Do not land on the same square as the Quartermaster.

    Chapter Six
    Can you follow directions? Here's a test to see if you can do what the Captain Says...complete 10 rounds to advance.
    Chapter Seven - The Final

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