Letter Box - a hybrid video game

Delivery Note

Order Date
Order Number GC6J779
Delivery Number Stage Five
Customer ID Geo Cacher
Dispatch Date May 23, 2016
Cache Size Small
Shipping Address
Invoice Address

Name: Geo Cacher
Address: N 38° 44.885 W 121° 15.746

Name: LostSailRs
Address: Cacheland, CA
Stage #
Don't be late for work! Begin playing the game.
Click or touch continue
When the boss says work; Work! Collect the letters as they move down the conveyor belt. Collect enough to get promoted to delivery driver.
Click or touch the letters
Sometimes you need to keep your cool, othertimes...
Timing is everying.
Follow the directions to deliver your package. Note the directions, you'll need them to find the real-world Stage 5.

You have 90 seconds.
Use A or 'Up' arrow to accelerate
Use B or 'Down' arrow to brake
Use L or 'Left' arrow to turn left
Use R or 'Right' arrow to turn right

Park as close to the sign seen in the game as you can. Exit your vehicle and go to the middle of the parking lot. Put your back to the bus stop sign. Walk approximately 200 feet to the giant green monster. Turn right and walk another 75 feet. You should see a big smelly object here. Turn left and walk about 175 feet. Look for a very tall, lonely tree. Your prize is nearby.
You've got Mail!

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Any Shortage or damage must be notified within 72 hours of receipt of goods.
Complaints can only be accepted if made in writing within 30 days of receipt of goods.
No goods may be returned without prior authorization from company.
Thank you for your business!
Should you have any inquiries concerning this delivery note, please contact LostSailRs
Starting Coords: N 38° 44.885 W 121° 15.746
E-mail: lostsailrs@gmail.com Web: http://lostsailrs.x10host.com