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How to Play

Note: this is a special Internet Explorer version and is limited in function. It does not support touch controls and has no audio.


Move the Paddle by either swiping your finger or moving the mouse from side to side.
Bounce the ball off the walls and paddle in o
Open all the caches in order to advance to the next level.
Touch the mute button or Press M to mute/unmute.
Touch the pause button or Press P to pause/unpause.
In the Pause menu, Touch the restart button or Press R to restart the game.

require 1 hit and award 5 points.
requires 3 hits and award 30 points.
when hit it will release and turn your paddle into a stamper:
Click or touch the when in mode to find theletterbox. It awards 15 points.
When all theare gone will disappear automatically.
When it it will drop a .
When the Paddle comes in contact with a question will appear on screen.
Answer the question correctly to resume play and turn into .
Hit one additional time to find it. It awards 50 points.

Swag (aka Powerups)

All swag award 1 point. You must catch the swag with the paddle in order to activate it.
Collect or for an extra ball.
Collect for a big ball.
Collect for a small ball.
Collect for a multi-ball (each one doubles the number of balls on the screen up to 8)
Collect for a fireball. Each time the fireball comes in contact with a traditional or a multicache it destroys it and any neighboring caches.
Collect for a thruball. The thruball instantly destroys any traditional or multicache it comes in contat with and continues moving in the direction it was heading.
Collect for a big paddle.
Collect for a small paddle.
Collect for a laser paddle. Fire the laser by either clicking the mouse, pressing the spacebar, or touching the fire button (only on mobile devices).
Collect for an electric paddle. Fire an electric jolt by either clicking the mouse, pressing the spacebar, or touching the fire button (only on mobile devices). This only fires one time.


Higher difficulty adds a score multiplier:
Difficulty 3 multiplies your score by 2.
Difficulty 4 multiplies your score by 3.
Difficulty 5 multiplies your score by 10.
Extra balls at the end are multiplied and added to the score.
(3 extra balls * 100 = 300 points).
Swag (aka Powerups) are randomly generated at about 10% change whenever a cache is opened.


This game is compatable with desktop based browsers only that support HTML5.
Limited Mobile Device Support.
Works on iPad and iPad mini with a few small glitches

Version History

Version 1.0.6:Compatibility Update
Version 1.0.3:Fixed bug with scoring on Difficulty 5
Version 1.0.2: Release version

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