DNF Assault

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  • Rotate using the Arrow Keys
  • Shoot using the Space Bar.
  • Kill 10 DNF Frownies to reach Stage 2. 1 shots requred to destroy a DNF.
  • Kill 10 Incorrect Coord Guesses to reach the Final Stage. 2 shots requred to destry Wrong Coords.
  • At GZ: Move with the Arrow Keys and locate both the North and the West sets of coordinates.

  • Compatibility

  • This game is compatable with desktop based browsers only that support HTML5.
  • No mobile devices are planned for future support.
  • Version History

  • Version 1.4.4 - 6/10/2016 - bug fixing and Compatibility Update.
  • Version 1.4.3 - 4/14/14 - bug fixes. Adjusted Health of All Monsters. DNF Monsters now take 1 hit to kill. Wrong Coords now take 2 hits to kill. You must now kill 10 DNFs to preceed to the next level and 10 Wrong Coords to proceed to GZ.
  • Version 1.4 - 4/13/14 - Recevied a lot of feedback (thank you) -- Changed the way the character is controlled, Now it simply a rotate and fire Methodology. At GZ you can now move using the arrow keys. You ask for it and now The Trackpad is no longer used. Monster health is also increased. 2 shots for a DNF and 4 shots for Wrong Coords are required in order to destroy them. Added more sound effects and other various sundries. Of course there are bug fixes too!
  • Version 1.3.56 - 4/12/14 - Added instructions on Start Page and additional tree's along the edges
  • Version 1.3.53 - release version